ebay sniper manager


You want to use the esniper command line tool but don't want to start and care the necessary instances manually every time.


These are all available as debian packages.


  1. download esniper-manager and unpack
  2. create a directory
  3. create the directories "auction" and "log" in directory
  4. make yourself familiar with esniper and drop auction files in the "auction" directory
  5. make sure " directory" is running

The last point of the list boils down to the many years old standard linux problem: how to let users start a daemon.

I know the following solutions:

What does it do? watches directory/auction for file changes. If a file changes or new file appears, it (re)starts "esniper file" with stdout and stderr redirected to directory/log/file. If a file disappears, the corresponding esniper gets killed. takes care of auction files in the /auction directory at startup by starting up a corresponding esniper but does not restart esnipers if they chose to exit. - See the log file for reasons and edit or "touch" the auction file to restart the esniper.

Take care when editing auction files in auction/ as temporary files in this directory could provoke esnipers getting started. Because of this the script ignores files which have characters which are not alphanumeric in unicode class sense. That means that russian and chinese characters are allowed, dots and commas are not.