RoKoFo is a Python script presenting photos on the web. It distinguishes itself from similar programs quite easily with unique features.

Dynamically resized pictures with caching. The visitor can freely choose the desired picture size. So he doesn't depend on some pre-elected sizes the administrator has choosen. He can customise RoKoFo to his needs based on e.g. internet bandwith and screen size. Under the hood works a processing engine which scales according to the server hardware and does not "unscale" on high load.

Clear URL. Easy to remember. Easy to send by email. Easy to understand and easy to download! Pictures stay behind one name for a maximum of cachability.

XHTML templates. 100% XHTML files serve as templates. No additional template language necessary.

Searchable associations. Don't just add comments, add attributes like persons, locations, etc. Permits searching of friends and family over all pictures associated.

Nested views. Together with the resizeable picture feature and the template based views it is possible to nest different views at your like. No limit of two or three views/sizes. Choose freely to go from the overview directly to the fullsized pictures or in finegrained steps. Or if you need from one fancy style to another, combining sizes and layout at your will.